Monday, July 28, 2008

Gastronomic week

Cheryl's Birthday Bash!

It's been a full up week. When I say full up I mean of the eating variety. It started at the beginning of the week with a trip to our favourite Chinese wok buffet with friends that are over on holiday. We hadn't been there for a while and I don't think it was as good this time.
Then, on Thursday it was Cheryl's birthday, so all the mums met up for lunch at Eduardos la Finca. A supposedly posh restaurant with an outdoor pool and terrace area. We were all very disappointed. The food was so so and the service was the worst I had ever experienced. It was as if they had pulled the waitresses off the street with no training and no organisation whatsoever. Although none of us were in a hurry to leave, it took 2 1/2 hours to be served 3 courses. In fact 20 mins or so after our starters a waitress appeared and asked us if we wanted dessert. Also, there chairs had plastic seat pads meaning you stick to them. So much so that one or two of us had two-toned dresses by the end of the afternoon. We won't be rushing back!
'Thing 1' went to Chloes birthday party on Friday. After the party we were peckish, so we went to the Green chilli. An Indian restaurant recommended to us by quite a few people. Verdict - not as good as Shakira's, Cabo Roig., which remains our favourite.
On Saturday night we had arranged to meet other friends at Shakira's on Saturday night. We had booked a table inside rather than outside because of the heat. It was still 31c at 8.30 pm.
So after such a gastronomic week and the heat we had barely any appetite on Sunday. None of us ate much at all. I jumped on the scales this morning and they hadn't gone up at all. Hurray!
It's such a tough life in Spain.
I could tell you all about the traffic the summer brings with it, or the fact that, if you go out to buy ice cream it's all soft by the time you get home, even though you've put it in the cool bag for the car journey, or it's so hot that you can't take up jogging. [tee hee]
My blog today is coming to an end. A noisy whirlwind has just blown indoors, - 'Thing 1 and 2' have just arrived back from kids club and I've got windows to clean.

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