Friday, July 11, 2008

Thing 1

Thing 1 is having a birthday shortly. He'll be 12. He is turning into a 'Kevin' before my eyes. He is so moody. I announced today that over the next few weeks when hubby is back from working in the UK I wanted take a trip to a huge shopping centre an hour away. From that moment on he stomped about. He refused to clean his teeth and sat po-faced on the sofa, stating that he would not move or do ANYTHING if he had to go shopping. I explained that there were sports shops in this particular shopping centre and he could show me what he liked, [I'm thinking birthday pressie] he then gave me a tirade of moodiness back, so I did what lots of mums do, took a deep breath and walked away.
I think he has a girlfriend, well actually I'm certain he has a girlfriend. I caught him the other day on msn being sneaky. He has started to minimize the page when I get close, constantly monitoring it to see if 'anyone' is online. His sister is in on the secret, but she won't let on who it is. I caught a glimpse of a message yesterday it said "I miss you". I'm guessing she is from school.

Today, we all spent a couple of hours in A & E. Thing 1 had fallen off of his bike yesterday and made quite a lot of fuss. I tended to his cuts and bruises and gave lots of TLC. However, he recovered enough to hobble down to the beach, but refused to go in the sea because of his 'injuries'. This morning he was still moaning and hobbling and his foot looked a little swollen. So, we decided we should get it checked out by an expert in case he had a fracture [I didn't want the poor chap to be shuffling for the rest of his days.] We told him and he immediately became very upset [he has an aversion to doctors.] We convinced him that his diagnosis and treatment would not involve any medicine, injections or operations and he calmed down, smiled and said that he would go because he wanted crutches. [He said it in a similar fashion to the way I would say I wanted a pair of Jimmy Choos].
So, off we all went. 2 hours later [brill hospital - efficient and clean] we had our diagnosis. The doctor came into the cubicle and announced "just sprained". He burst into tears and between cries demanded "I need accessories." [He really did want them like I would want designer shoes] I couldn't contain myself!!! I wonder if wanted to get sympathy from the girls or, if his command of English is a little obscured because he is juggling two languages. Bless his cottons!


JuicyFig said...

don't worry! the moodiness begins to decline ever so slightly as they hit 16ish...but not as you'd notice most of the time!

Taryn was on crutches last month for a 'bad bruise' I can post them over if it would help? hehehe


Candeez said...

He is still talking about getting crutches. Hopefully he will have forgotten all about it tomorrow as his bandage is now off! [He doesn't know it yet, but he needs to walk by Thursday - he's coming shopping.]

Rootietoot said...

I need accessories, too! Get the boy a cane, or a sling, or something.

And the's gets better, so they tell me. My 20 yr old got over it when we threw him out at 18.

Candeez said...

Hi Rootietoot
He's fine now- out playing football!