Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cooler week

After the heat of last week it has cooled down about 10 degrees. We have had one thunderstorm and are due to have more. So I embarked on my 'half as good as Madonna' goal today. I dragged hubby out for an hour's hike around the coast. This definitely equalled one workout. I needed some sustenance for such a hike, so I ate a Kit Kat chunky. They probably cancelled each other out. Never mind.

The red flag was flying at the beach. In fact there were 4 red flags in total. That meant under no circumstances should anyone enter the sea. Two of them were placed right on the shoreline, so no-one could be mistaken. The waves were high and the beach was heaving, which is quite unusual for a weekday in mid July. There were still a mad few in the sea. I feel sorry for the lifeguards who have to rescue the people who ignore the flags, putting their own lives at risk.

Thing 2 has just watched '10 years younger' on the TV. She said I want to be 10 years younger" it then dawned on her what she had said and added an embarrassed "oh no! I'm nine."

The unveiling of the injured toe has happened. I persuaded Thing 1 to take off his bandage tonight, so he could have a shower. We can all now take the pegs off our noses!

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