Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Three kids

We have just been out for a cheap Chinese. There are many advantages and disadvantages to living in Spain. One advantage is the cheap Chinese. We get 3 courses with many choices, rice or noodles or chips, a half bottle of wine or beer or soft drink. All for 5.75€ [about £4.20]. That's a bargain if ever I saw one and it gives me the night off from the kitchen.

Over the meal we discussed me going back to the UK for a holiday for a week [minus kids or hubby]- Bliss. Thing 1 had been playing about egged on by a giggling hubby who just added fuel to the 'messing about' fire. Hubby just couldn't keep a straight face, even though he was attempting to chastise Thing 1. With an exasperated sigh I asked what on earth would I come back to, if I did indeed leave them all for a week.

Dear hubby answered "3 children".

Never a truer word said.


JuicyFig said...

we could do a wife swap - I'll just be sunbathing though!!!

If you pop over to my blog, there is a little something there for you!


Candeez said...

I'm not too sure I like the look from your ofice window.The rain doesn't look very inviting. So I'm not accepting your swap offer.
Thank-you for the award.Love the sparkly logo.

jo said...

love your blog, your life sounds lovely!! lucky us being award winners!!!!
i will keep reading your blog with interest!!!

funkymonkey said...

Thanks for visiting. Whatever you do don't come back here and expect any sunshine. It just won't happen!

Candeez said...

No, I always pack my winter clothes and bring my brolly when I pop back. It's also a good excuse to go shopping!