Thursday, July 10, 2008

We've been healthy for too long!

It's been a peaceful morning. The kids are at 'kids club.' The dog is sprawled out on the tiles. I floated around in the pool to the distant sounds of a violin played by my neighbour. He has a fiddle every day and is obviously making the most of the peace, whilst he can. Thing 1 and 2 are only out until lunchtime.

I see that London has had lots of rain. Ooh I miss the rain! I have had pangs to go back for a visit, catch up with everyone and do my bit to bolster the UK economy with a shopping trip or two. As I hear recently that it is dire need at present, but, alas, it cannot be. Late flight bookings at this time of year are prohibitively expensive. Hubby will be back from the UK on Saturday with my bits and bobs shopping. Essentials that us English can't do without,like mango chutney and Branston pickle.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow, we get an 'Iceland.' My aim for this week was to eat our way through the freezer [not literally] to make space for the goodies. Cheap, time saving food that you don't get here. Spanish food is good, don't get me wrong. It's relatively cheap, healthy, fresh but you have to really cook dishes from scratch. The prepared meals available taste of plastic and I haven't found one I could recommend. Although, I gave up buying them soon after I started. Iceland should bridge the culinary gap between healthy fayre and tasty, unhealthy, prepackaged, frozen stuff. Fab!!!

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