Friday, July 11, 2008

Half a good as Madonna

I heard yesterday that Madonna works out 6 times a day. No wonder she looks fantastic for someone approaching 50. I thought I would work towards a similar goal, so have just swam 50 rectangles of the pool. I say rectangles because the pool is a rectangular 8mx5m, so it isn't really possible to do lengths. I wonder if this counts as one workout. I'm not too sure I am going to achieve six workouts. Perhaps three will suffice. I suppose to have a body half as good as Madonna is perfectly acceptable. I biggest problem I have with this is that it is so hot. It is possible to break out in a sweat just by breathing. We do have a cross training machine, but you would have to be nuts to use it at the moment. So far today I have clocked up probably 1 1/2 workouts. The 1/2 refers to walking the dog early this morn. I wonder how many times I would need to walk up and down stairs to clock up another 'workout.' I've got to put the ironing away.

Later today the kids and I are going to the beach. We love meeting up with our pals [other mums and kids] at the beach, but we do tend to take it for granted as the beach is only 100m from the house [although I'm not complaining]. This Friday teatime beach visit is getting to be a regular thing. Last week some didn't go home until 10 o'clock. Each mum is bringing a different dish and we all share our picnics. I've offered to make garlic prawns. I'm also doing a rice dish to go with it. There is a bottle of cava chilling in the fridge, but I'm not too sure that is working towards my half as good as Madonna goal!


Becca said...

1. Thanks for the comment.
2. Thanks for visiting.
3. Who are you?

Candeez said...

I was browsing and found your site. I'm a mum of 2. I'm English, but live in Spain. Thats me!

JuicyFig said...

ok - I am getting seriously jelous!
it has not stopped raining for WEEKS - the neerest beach to me is BLACKPOOL and the only thing chilling in my fridge is some milk and a few tomatoes...

good on ya!!!


Candeez said...

I know your weather has been awful. Hubby has been in the UK and has given me daily updates. The eve went well and after a few glasses of cava, and loads of food we all went home at 10 pm and all jumped in the pool. It was still hot then.