Sunday, August 10, 2008


What a week!. It's been a bit quiet on the blog front for three reasons.
The most important one being:
My right arm was chopped off........ Well no, but it did feel like it. My computer screen decided it would no longer work. This is on a laptop that is under 6 months old. So will shortly be winging it's way back to the lads at Currys tech team to repair it. This is the third time it has gone back.

We also have had visitors. My dear friend Debs, hubby and three sons came to visit. We also found this dog, whom we have named Darcy.

Darcy was sitting outside the lifeguards beach hut at Cala Capitan last Sunday. The lifeguards had tethered him to get him off the beach where he was scavenging for food. We happened to walk past and against my better judgement took him home and fed him. It transpired that he had no microchip and was approx 18 months old. He is still in residence, but if my Labradoodle has anything to do with it, not for long. Tilly, the Labradoodle is grouchy with other dogs as she is suffering a hip displacement and arthritis. Anyway after almost a week of gnashing of teeth, growling and snapping I contacted the local charity APAH who have agreed to finance the removal of his bits to calm him down. If this has the desired effect then he can stay if not we will foster him until APAH or we can re home him ourselves. There is also one more hurdle to jump, hubby is allergic to pet hair, so that is also in the mix.
Earlier hubby opened our front gate and Darcy did a runner. We had to then launch our own search party to find him. Comprising Thing 1 on his bike and hubby. Hubby returned home having given up as the dog was to fast for him and was of sight. Thing 1 caught up with Darcy, but had forgotten to take the lead. So hubby was persuaded to get the car out and to track him down. He is now back at home as if nothing had ever happened. Tomorrow is the day of his op so hopefully we won't have any escapology recurrences after that.
He is now putting his head on the keyboard of my new computer, [purchased this morning]. He seems very interested in my blog. Perhaps he was a blogger in a former life. Or, perhaps he was worked out there is an open window behind the screen where he could possibly make his escape, knowing what fate befalls him tomorrow.

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