Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another day in paradise!

Yes, another day in paradise is upon us! The kids here broke up from school just over two weeks ago. My two [referred to in previously ramblings as 'thing one' and 'thing two' ] started bickering almost immediately. Although they would describe it as negotiating a rota for use of the: TV, computer, Wii fit, sleepovers and visiting friends, etc.
It's wearing just listening to them.
Then the daily ice cream argument ensued. Although, I must admit that started long before the holidays began. I buy choc nut ice cream lollies for hubby and I and buy 12 cornetto type ice creams -6 chocolate and 6 strawberry- for the kids. This normally works out perfectly because 'thing 1' likes strawberry and 'thing 2' likes chocolate. However, problems arise when friends come over and upset the numbers. They then do very loud vocal daily stock takes of the freezer keeping an account of the numbers so that one does not sneakily get up early in the morning for an extra ice cream. In fact this seems to be an underlying theme, everything they do is LOUD!
I often threaten that I won't buy any more, but I can't quite keep that 'promise' when it's so hot and I want the occasional one too!

I gave them the first couple of weeks off from holiday homework as I figured they needed a break from their year of hard work. Now I have mentioned to 'thing 1' the need to at least start it and he is as slippery as an eel, using every escape trick in the book. Thing 2 wasn't given any homework, [they are at different schools] so, we have started reading 'Charlie and the chocolate factory' to improve her English reading and to make a small move to redress the homework imbalance! Who called this a holiday!

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JuicyFig said...

oooh, you are really missing the rain here I bet! looking forward to reading more!