Saturday, July 26, 2008


Having just served up plates of different types of salads for tea. Thing 2 spots a plate of chopped Beetroot.
"What's that?" she asks.
"It's Beetroot" I reply.
"I've got a friend called Beetroot," she confidently says.
I give her a puzzled look and then it dawns on me. "You mean Beatrice!"


Katman said...

That's gotta be a chav you were chatting to! I love those little quips.

One of my favourites was a guy at a market who said to a stall holder "I want a custard pie". The stall holer said "We don't have any custard pies". The guy, quite angrily said "Well what's that with the tomato on top?". The stall holder hesitantly replies "'s a quiche."

Candeez said...

'Thing 2' is my 9 year old daughter, not a chav. She even has relatives in Northwood.

LOUISE said...

I love beetroot! When I was a kid, battenburg cake was rattentrot, and synthetic cream was sympathetic cream! Kids come out with the most funny things. x