Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My first post - Sweltering in July

Here I am sitting in the sweltering heat of an evening in Spain in July. I'm torn between keeping all the doors and windows open and letting in every mosquito in a mile radius to devour my exposed skin, which is pretty much most of me as I'm sitting here in my cozzie on the account of the heat, or closing all doors and windows and putting the aircon on, which seems a bit ecologically unfriendly thing to do. I could always take the third option of spraying myself and the kids with a spray designed toward off the irritating mozzies, but I generally only choose that option when I go out and have no other choice. I'm sure in years to come all such substances will be banned, if it kills all known bugs think what prolonged use does to humans.

Last night I took the open door option. The result - one bitten leg and a hot house that even the dog wouldn't sleep in. When I locked up for the night and went upstairs to bed, Tilly, my Labradoodle who normally sleeps downstairs cried and cried. I let her out just in case she wanted a last loo stop, but no, so I locked up again. I knew what the problem was but I didn't want to leave the downstairs aircon on for the dog. So,I carried her, yes carried her upstairs, all 24 kgs of her. This is because she has a staircase phobia and won't walk up on her own. I'm sure she has a fear of heights or maybe she finds the tiles too slippery to climb. Anyway, she quite happily slept in my bedroom [with my aircon on - very low] and didn't move a muscle until I got up in the morning. I wonder if she will expect to come up again tonight!


saraeden said...

Just found your blog on mumszone so wanted to say hello and welcome to the world of blogging !!

Sara x

Candeez said...

Thank you. You're my first comment.

Vanessa said...

Hi Candeez,

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, looking forward to hearing more about your life in Spain.

Vanessa x