Thursday, August 21, 2008

God's creatures

I'm out of the doghouse with Tilly. Well not literally. I'm in the house, but Darcy [Dog 2] is out of the house and in a new one.

Yesterday I had a call from a local couple that had seen my post on the forum to find Darcy a new home. They were looking for a dog. They came to see him that very same afternoon and took him home. Hurray! no more dog fights. Tilly, my Labradoodle looked very relieved as Darcy walked out of the gate without a bye or leave.

However, nothing stays smooth running for long. Thing 1 had noticed an ant in the kitchen earlier in the day. Hubby noticed an ant later in the afternoon. We were just about to lock up before going out for a mid week Chinese [it's too hot to cook] and I noticed about 30 of the little buggers on my kitchen cabinet. I opened the door to find the cupboard crawling with them. Yuk!

Having phoned our friends to say we would be late, emptied the cupboard, thrown out the food and having killed as many as I could see, helped by Thing 2. I put down ant powder and we then retreated to the restaurant.

All evening both Thing 2 and I had the sensation of ants crawling on our arms and legs.

Later on we all returned home to find a new brigade of ants still marching in lines across the same cupboard. Walking around the ant powder as best they could. So once again I did the same thing. However, this time I happened to notice that the chair I was standing on that I had dragged around from the dining area. [It's very heavy] had an extra appendage. Sticking out underneath the seat there was, unmistakingly, the backend of a large cockroach. More yuk!

Quick thinking and knowing that I would probably get only one chance at it. [coz they're quick little blighters] I grabbed a shoe, knocked it to the ground and gave it a hard whack!

Success! One squashed cockroach. I don't normally kill God's creatures, but in my book these are excluded.
I get all the good jobs!

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Connie said...

Sometimes we just wish God's little creatures would stay out of our houses! I didn't realize the little "blighters" were in Spain too!