Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Life has returned back to normal. This means Thing 1 and 2 have gone back to school. The house is tranquila - 'calm' to the non Spanish readers between the hours of 8 am and 1pm weekdays. Yippee! The weather has calmed down a bit too. We no longer get temps of 35 degs+. They are now about 30 degs. The mozzies are still biting egged on by the high humidity and occasional thunderstorm.
I am going to embark on a new exercise regime. But I've got to make it fun otherwise it won't last. The one thing I have been promising myself to do is to learn to roller blade. There are lots of coastal promenades on which to scoot along. Every day I witness an elderly gentleman with roller blades and walking poles bomb down my road passing my villa, looking very toned and fit.
However,also I'm yet to master the technique. I have watched both Thing 1 and 2 whizz up and down the outside patio and I thought I could join them. My theory went thus: I figured that in my youth I ice skated around at Richmond ice rink every week at the ice skating disco night, [oops I'm showing my age], so therefore roller blading wouldn't be that difficult. How wrong I was! My one attempt didn't even get me out of the house: holding onto hubbies shoulders, door frames, furniture and anything that could keep me upright proved that this was no easy task. I gave up and my roller blades have been redundant ever since.
However, I am not the sort of person who gives up on anything, so I will let you know of my progress. I'm going to ask Thing 2 for a lesson. Watch this space!

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